• The District
    The District is IDS Vancouver’s popular cash & carry neighbourhood that features fresh collections of design products for the home.
  • Dutch Exchange: Eindhoven
    Dutch Exchange: Eindhoven. Curated by Design Milk the Dutch Exchange will highlight the work of 4 designers in a feature designed by Burgers Architecture Inc.
  • Prototype
    Prototype is a juried selection of innovative never-before-seen designs that will debut at IDS Vancouver.
  • Central Bar
    Always the central hub of IDS Vancouver, grab a friend, a drink and journey Down the Rabbit Hole in this creative space designed by Kalu Interiors.
  • Fire Kitchen
    IDS Vancouver Central Feature - The Fire Kitchen by Tom Dixon for Caesarstone
  • Studio North
    The marketplace showcase within IDS Vancouver for custom work and limited edition collections.
  • Collect
    A modern and contemporary fine art feature at IDS Vancouver.
  • Clay & Glaze
    Clay & Glaze, a curated exhibit of contemporary ceramics including works by over a dozen international and regional designers.
  • Open Studio
    Open Studio features ten invited designers who will present their concept based on the singular theme of colour.