We have brought together an amazing group of guest speakers for IDSwest 2014 - join us on the Livingspace Design Stage and the Gray Conversation Stage!

Opening Night Special Guest:

Learning Through Practice

Michael Anastassiades, Michael Anastassiades Studio (London) - Presented by Inform Thursday 7:00pm - Livingspace Design Stage Michael Anastassiades will discuss his personal search for the definition of design for firms such as FLOS, and share his path toward establishing an independent practice to produce his own work.

Keynote Trade Breakfast: Functional, Familiar and Forward Thinking — Umbra and Collaborative Design

Matt Carr, Umbra Shift (Toronto), Lukas Peet, Lukas Peet Design (Vancouver), Post Projects, Post Projects Design Studio (Vancouver) Friday 8:00am – Trade Breakfast – Livingspace Design Stage *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Non-Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] - $45 – Click here to register. Umbra Shift is an extension of the Canadian based Umbra that  has focused on contemporary influences in the design community. For more than 30 years, Umbra has broken the mould by creating entirely new categories that apply thoughtful design to everyday items. Matt Carr, Umbra’s design director, and collaborators, celebrated Vancouver-based designers Lukas Peet and Post Project, will discuss the challenges and triumphs of building Canadian design brands. *Continental breakfast will be served.

More Profit, Less Time – Financial Management Tips for the Small Design Firm

Dean Einarson, DesignDocs Inc. (Toronto)  Friday 9:30am – Breakout Session – Seminar Room 116  *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] - $40 Click here to register. This seminar is ideal for those running small to medium sized firms specializing in interior design and decorating. Attendees will learn how to more effectively manage their financial operations. The seminar will cover a wide range of topics including basic financial management, and procedural fundamentals critical to running a profitable design firm. It will also cover the very important and sometimes difficult subject of how to work effectively with your accountant or bookkeeper. Attendees will leave the seminar with ideas and knowledge they can implement to improve productivity and efficiency in their back office functions. Overall, the theme is about simplifying and improving administrative process, so that designers have better information available, and can spend more time designing and less time managing operations.

Passion and Process: The THNK Guide To Making Ideas Happen

Lee Feldman, founder & former CCO, Blast Radius; founder, THNK Vancouver and CycleSpace (Vancouver) and Sarah Dickinson, Director, THNK Vancouver (Vancouver) Friday 9:30am – Breakout Session – Seminar Room 111 – Presented by Creative Mornings *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Non-Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] - $45 - Click here to register. Generating new ideas is easy, it’s developing truly original breakthrough ideas that’s hard. Whether it’s an everyday problem or a bold new concept, you first need passion and purpose to begin the disciplined pursuit towards invention, but that’s nothing without an effective creative process to transform that vision into reality. In this experiential session, THNK co-founder Lee Feldman, former CCO at global digital design agency Blast Radius, chronicles his own learnings that helped companies like IKEA, NIKE and Starbucks think differently — as well as sharing tried-and-true methods for overcoming common blockers, forming new connections and where to look for signs and weak signals. In this experiential session, co-presented by Creative Mornings Vancouver, this hands-on and entertaining 90 minutes is designed to invigorate your creative leadership, helping set new habits, awakening the senses and providing practical ways to envision a better future and to engage others in it.

IDC Annual Meeting

IDC Members – idcanada.org Friday 11:00 am – Livingspace Design Stage – *TRADE ONLY [Non-IDCEC=0.1 CEU] Calling all IDC Members! Attend the 42nd Annual Meeting for a report on the association’s activities over the past year. This is your chance to meet the 2014/15 Board of Management. Join us at the IDSwest show in Vancouver to network with fellow members from across Canada in a brief but important national annual meeting.

How to Get Published

Catherine Dunwoody, freelance journalist (Vancouver), Amery Calvelli, Push Plus Minus (Portland), Rachel Gallaher, GRAY Magazine (Seattle), Tanya Tweten, Promoter at Heart (Vancouver), Laura Goldstein, Freelance Journalist (Vancouver) Friday 11:00am – GRAY Conversation Stage  *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Non-Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] What does it take to land a story in a design publication? In an enlightening, empowering session geared toward designers, architects, and other industry professionals, GRAY editors Jaime Gillin and Rachel Gallaher, along with a panel of design journalists and public relations pros, will share insider tips on how to successfully pitch projects to design publications, and how to tell your unique design story in a compelling way. Bring your questions!

Built To Last: How to Identify Well-made New and Used Furniture

Sholto Scruton, Sholto Design Studio (Vancouver) Friday 12:30pm – Breakout Session - Seminar Room 111  *TRADE ONLY [IDCEC=0.1 CEU] – $40 - Click here to register. Learn how to identify well-made new and used upholstered and wood furniture. It’s advice industrial designer Sholto Scruton is often asked  by his own customers. Sholto will share the knowledge designers need when choosing furniture for their clients’ homes.

Guaranteed: On Time and On Budget

Kimberley Seldon, Kimberley Seldon Design Group (Toronto) Friday 12:30pm – Breakout Session - Seminar Room 116  *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] - $40 - Click here to register. As an interior design professional, Kimberley understands your drive to provide clients with exceptional service and to deliver the project of their dreams.  Learn why those goals can often feel illusive and what you can do to exceed both yours, and your clients expectations!

Current Projects and Tales from the Real World

David Battersby & Heather Howat, Battersby Howat Architects (Vancouver) Friday 1:30pm – Livingspace Design Stage – Presented by the AFBC  *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] Battersby Howat takes an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach to design and pursues architectural expression that embodies a spirit of contemporary living. This discussion will emphasize the process and points of inspiration embedded in individual current projects.

Lighting, Architecture and Photography

Ema Peter, Ema Peter Interior and Architectural Photography (Vancouver) Friday 2:30pm - Breakout Session - Seminar Room 116  *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Non-Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] - $40 - Click here to register. The discussion goes behind the scenes to uncover many lighting challenges involved in photographing residential and commercial spaces. Ema will speak to how a photographer decides on the time of day to photograph a space, how photographers create sunshine in the rain and mood in a space. This session will reveal the hidden aspects of lighting interior and architectural projects. “Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.” – George Eastman


Jessica Butler, Emily Carr University of Art and Design and Vincent Van Haaff, Maker Foundation and Vancouver Hackspace (Vancouver) Friday 2:30pm - Breakout Session - Seminar Room 111 – Presented by Tractor Projects  *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Non-Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] - $40 - Click here to register. With the development and fast-paced growth of fine art and design institutions around the globe, an influx of young designers and artists have entered a growing product design market. This breakout session will provide a sneak preview into the research creation ongoing within the city, presenting some of the cutting edge technology for product design being developed right here in Vancouver.

Color & Material Trends — Future Forecast for F/W 15/16

Hannah Malein, Global Color Research (London) Friday 3:30pm – Livingspace Design Stage – Presented by Blu Bathworks *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] Global Color Research™, the color experts behind MIX Magazine presents an inspirational seminar profiling four key color stories for F/W 2015/6; Remote, Sonic, Fuse and Sense. Based on this forecast, Hannah Malein will explore how these trends inform will color choices, inspire design concepts and influence material and surface applications for the interior decoration market.

The Luxury Bathroom

Corey Klassen, CKD, CBD, Corey Klassen Interior Design (Vancouver) Friday 4:30pm - Breakout Session - Seminar Room 116 – Presented by American Standard *TRADE ONLY [AIBC=1 Core LU; IDCEC=0.1 CEU] - $40 - Click here to register. During a one-hour presentation, Corey S. Klassen, CKD, CBD will identify the key points to consider in designing bathrooms for the luxury market. The course will provide an understanding of the spa and luxury experiences of today’s bathrooms. Designing with technology in the bathroom, wether it be lighting, sound, or home automation, has it’s design challenges and we will look at solutions to better integrate new multi-media in the bathroom. We will take a brief look at how space planning considerations and building code consideration need not be a challenge in beautiful spaces while reviewing user engagement of “bathers” in the bathroom. Lastly, we will conclude with a gallery of some award-wining luxury bathrooms.

Retail Readiness

Rena Tom, Makeshift Society, (San Francisco, CA) Friday 4:30pm – Breakout Session - Seminar Room 111  *TRADE ONLY – Presented by Poppytalk Curated [IDCEC=0.1 CEU] – $40 - Click here to register. Do you make and sell products to a loyal following online or at craft shows but want to see your work on the shelves of your favorite boutique? It takes more than having great products to earn a retailer’s interest, trust and money. Learn how to approach stores and make it easy for them to buy from you. During this workshop, you’ll reevaluate your business through the eyes of a buyer, learn now to research the right stores to approach and how to edit your line for maximum appeal. We’ll also look at the content of your line sheet and catalog, discuss what makes a compelling pitch and how buyers find out about new lines, and talk about the importance of establishing a good relationship with your stores.

The Practice of Design

Bertjan Pot, Studio Bertjan Pot (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Friday 5:30pm – Livingspace Design Stage – [IDCEC=0.1 CEU] – Presented by Livingspace For Bertjan Pot most experiments start quite impulsively by a certain curiosity for how things would function or how something would look. From there Pot takes on challenges with manufacturers to explore possibilities and push the boundaries. Bertjan will discuss his inspiring work and experiences that have both rewarded and challenged him.

Screening & Discussion: Coast Modern Documentary

Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome, Coast Modern (Vancouver)  Friday 7:30pm – Livingspace Design Stage - [AIBC=1 Core LU] Coast Modern is an independent documentary by directors Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome. Travelling along the Pacific North West coastline from LA to Vancouver, the film showcases the pioneers of West Coast Modernist Architecture, and the homes that have become their legacies. Stepping inside the most inspired dwellings on the west coast, we feel how the light and space of a classic Modernist home can work in synergy with the natural environment. Dion Neutra tells us that the way to live is to have ‘the comfort of being inside, yet you have the feeling of being outside’, and it is this established principle that contemporary Modernist architects are emulating and evolving. This relaxed journey takes us across three generations of Modernist architecture, all finding beauty in their own times, and all taking us back to the basics of true living – a sense of place, light, and a deep connection to the earth.

The Brooklyn Exchange — Defining the Burough’s World Class Creative Output

Asher Israelow, Asher Israelow Studio, Brian Volk-Zimmerman, VOLK Furniture, Shant Madjaran, Juniper Design, Patrick Weder, Patrick Weder Design Inc. (Brooklyn) Saturday 11:30am – Livingspace Design Stage - Robert Quinell, Moderator Globetrotter Robert Quinell, owner of Provide, is a perpetual hunter of unique and diverse products from international design centers. As moderator to a roster of talented, young Brooklyn designers, Robert will explore their design origins and the influence that Brooklyn plays as a hotbed for trends and good design.

Living Big in Small Spaces

Jennifer Eden, Occupy Design (Vancouver), Jasmine Vaughan, Made & State Design (Portland), Barbara Hyde Evans, Hyde Evans Design (Seattle) and Eric SiuResource Furniture (Vancouver) Saturday 12:00pm – GRAY Conversation Stage Limited square footage doesn’t have to limit your design ideas. As these top designers from Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland demonstrate—through anecdotes, tips, and photos drawn from their own small-space projects—clever design moves, smart storage, and creative use of color and pattern can unleash potential in even the tightest living spaces.

Design Ideas and Renovation Insight

Sarah Richardson, Sarah Richardson Design (Toronto) Saturday 1:00pm – Livingspace Design Stage – Presented by AEG – LIEBHERR Sarah will help you tackle your next project by sharing her tips and tricks so you are prepared and inspired. Sarah Richardson is an award-winning designer, known around the world for jaw-dropping transformations that turn ordinary spaces into magazine-worthy rooms with an incredible wow factor. Known for creating innovative, award-winning design solutions that speak directly to the goals and tastes of a contemporary audience, Sarah is the host, co-creator and co-producer of four celebrated HGTV series that are watched by fans all around the world, in over 100 countries.

The Value of Authentic Design

Collin Burry, Gensler (San Francisco), Bret Englander, Cerno Lighting (Irvine, CA) & Nancy Bendtsen, Inform Interiors (Vancouver) Saturday 2:00pm - GRAY Conversation Stage GRAY leads a discussion with Be Original Americas, the leading organization in North America promoting original design, exploring the hidden costs of knockoff furniture and the value of authentic design. Why buy originals, when lookalike knockoffs are so prevalent—and so much cheaper? After this thought-provoking discussion, exploring the ripple-out effects of copycat design on the industry, and the many affordable alternatives, you may never look at a knockoff the same way again.

Historical Charm — Lessons on How to Make your Home Stand Out

Amanda Forrest, Amanda Forrest Interior Design Group (Toronto) Saturday 3:00pm – Livingspace Design Stage Celebrity Designer Amanda Forrest takes us on a tour of her recent travels to some of the most historical, inspirational and personality filled cities in the south. Learn how to easily incorporate southern hospitality and charm in to your home to create warm, inviting, luxurious rooms that feel like they where curated over time.

Design Culture in the Pacific Northwest

Mike Bernard and Gavin Froome, Coast Modern (Vancouver), Gair Williamson, Gair Williamson Architects (Vancouver) Robert Miller, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architects (Seattle) and Jeff Martin, Jeff Martin Joinery (Vancouver) Saturday 4:00pm – GRAY Conversation Stage How does the place you’re based in inform designers’ work? What makes regional design distinctive? With globalization and the rapid spread of information across the internet, does “regional design” even exist anymore? (We say yes). We’ll explore, for example, how jet-maker Boeing’s legacy of manufacturing and innovation trickles down into furniture and lighting designers’ work in the Pacific Northwest, and how a high level of craft and an honesty of materials pervades the work coming out of the region — and why.

Color & Material Trends — Exploring Themes for S/S 2015

Hannah Malein, Global Color Research (London) Saturday 4:30pm – Livingspace Design Stage – Presented by Blu Bathworks Global Color Research™, the color experts behind MIX Magazine presents an inspirational seminar profiling four key color stories for S/S 2015; Glade, Aura, Merge and Belong. Based on this forecast, Hannah Malein will explore these themes through inspiring visuals and color palettes, showing how they are being developed in the market and what to look out for.

Bathroom Luxury for All

Billy Halpern, Billy Halpern Interior Design (Toronto) Sunday 11:00am – Livingspace Design Stage – Presented by Mirolin Style and functionality are the ying and yang of good bathroom design. If you’re renovating, building or buying, ask yourself How is my bathroom going to meet my future needs? Whether you have to consider young children, busy teenagers or elderly family members, either now or in the future, Billy will demonstrate that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function.

Smells Like Team Spirit: Design Collaboration in the Northwest and Beyond

Gaile Guevara, Modern604 Design Collective (Vancouver), Jeff and Jenny Guggenheim, Fig Studio (Portland), Kricken and James Yaker, Vanillawood (Lake Oswego, OR) Sunday 12:00pm - GRAY Conversation Stage  What’s the secret to successful collaboration? Husband-and-wife creative duos will share their experiences living, working, and designing together, while other designers who collaborate frequently across multiple disciplines will share projects and anecdotes to illustrate the benefits of cultivating a tight, collaborative network within one’s own design community.

Kitchen Design Council Exposé —Trends versus Budget

Alykhan Velji, Alykhan Velji Designs (Calgary), Cheryl Torrenueva, Cheryl Torrenueva Design (Toronto), and Andrew Pike, Andrew Pike Interiors (Toronto) Sunday 1:00pm – Livingspace Design Stage – Presented by Blanco Cheryl Torrenueva, Alykhan Velji and Andrew Pike – Blanco Canada’s Kitchen Design Council designers will present their perspective on creating the dream kitchen with trends and budget in mind. From current trends to budget dilemmas, the audience will learn designers’ insights surrounding the kitchen space. They will share their kitchen inspirations and provide tips on how to balance the budget without sacrificing the style and needs in today’s kitchen design. The presenters will also reveal their favourite new products and ideas for the kitchen. Join Cheryl, Aly and Andrew in their Kitchen Design Council Expose filled with kitchen trends and great budget tips in a fun and lively on stage talk / presentation.

Make the Leap! How to Transition into the Design Field

Kelly Reynolds and Chad Falkenberg, Falken Reynolds Interiors (Vancouver), Reisa Pollard, Beyond Beige (Vancouver) Sunday 2:00pm – GRAY Conversation Stage Do you harbor a secret fantasy of working as a furniture, lighting, or interior designer? Do you spend your nights combing Pinterest or dreaming up new house projects? Or are you already a designer, looking to take your work to the next level? If so, this panel is for you! Hear the stories of people who’ve made the leap into the design industry from previous careers—from police work to ballet dancing—and get inspired! You’ll come away with concrete advice for building a design career on the foundation of your own unique experience.

Luxury Now

In Partnership with Vanglo Sustainable Construction Group

Beth Dotolo, Pulp Design Studio (Seattle) and Michael Leckie, Campos Leckie Studio (Vancouver), Lindsay Guenter, Interior Designer, Kelly Deck Design (Vancouver), Andrew Gath, Interior Designer, Gath Interior Design (Seattle), Oliver Lang, Architect, Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture Inc. (Vancouver)

Sunday 3:30pm - GRAY Conversation Stage  What does luxury in design mean in 2014? What are the leading trends in materials, furniture, lighting, textiles, interior design, and architecture — and how do they reflect what’s happening in the design world today, and the greater economy? What are clients craving right now, and how can designers answer these desires with spaces that feel luxurious, timeless, and original? Explore these subjects and more with our panel of star designers who specialize in high-end interiors — and find out what the future holds for luxury in North America.

Hiring a Designer: What to Know When You Hire a Pro

Kimberley Seldon, Kimberley Seldon Design Group (Toronto) Sunday 3:30pm - Livingspace Design Stage Kimberley reveals to the DIY decorator or home enthusiast how to avoid common decorating pitfalls and money-wasters. Learn how to save and when to splurge. Plus…finding and hiring an interior design professional — when is it time to ask for help? What Kimberley Seldon wants you to know before you hire a design professional.